40 years of experience...

Bimed begun in 1978 as a manufacturer of medical and mechanical components. Today Bimed is a family owned organization with more than 500 people and a 22,000 square meter facility. The Istanbul, Turkey, based company has offices in North America, Germany, Romania and Egypt. In many other countries Bimed is represented through local distribution partners.

Our product range consists of the following groups:

  • Cable glands and conduit fittings
  • Pressure balance elements
  • Connectors for the appliance and automotive industries
  • Disposable medical products

Cable glands and conduit fittings are designed for applications in a wide range of industries. Pressure balance elements improve quality and reliability of our customers’ products. Connectors for appliances and for the automotive industry are used all over the world. Medical products are manufactured in a clean room environment and are sold as OEM products globally. All our products conform to the relevant national and international standards and our activities are based on EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.

As a result, Bimed gained an international reputation for high quality production. Due to our state-of-the-art certified laboratory and our 40 years of experience in the cable gland and electrical industry we also received ATEX 100 and IEC Ex factory approval. Bimed continously invests for quality and equipment; our Laboratory has been certified by IMQ according to EN60079-0/2009.

Bimed is constantly working to achieve customer satisfaction, by meeting requested requirements with its standard and customized products. Most often, our research and development department produces completely new items in accordance with client demands. These activities help us gain the praise and high appreciation of our customers.

With a worldwide market base, the Bimed distribution network has been established to ensure that the needs of this global market are well understood and fully satisfied. Our products have been expanded to and distributed in more than 50 countries. Bimed has a merit-based leadership in the cable gland and connector sector established on its reputation for quality and innovation. This philosophy has been instrumental in the development of a product line that is constantly growing to reflect the changing industry needs and advancements in technology.

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Drain Plugs for Exe Application

• Effectively draining moisture out off an enclosure.
• Prevents damages, such as condensation water.
• Allows the air inside the enclosure to breathe with the surrounding atmosphere.