From its base in Glasgow, Scotland, Chalmit has a long history of pre-eminence in the field of Hazardous Area Lighting. Chalmit is now the IEC Hazardous Area Lighting “centre of excellence” of Hubbell Inc. and a truly major Industry force, committed to a continued investment in technological advancement, design and product development. Chalmit has dedicated and strategically located Sales and Marketing operations in the Netherlands, Abu Dhabi and Singapore, providing extensive expertise of hazardous area lighting. As part of the Hubbell Harsh and Hazardous group, Chalmit is also able to offer Killark products creating an unrivalled project portfolio to a world-wide customer base.

Chalmit has a deserved reputation for producing luminaires of the highest quality and with technical innovation always in evidence. This is in part, due to Chalmit having evolved as the number one supplier of hazardous area lighting products in the North Sea, one of the world’s most onerous areas of operation for oil & gas exploration and production. Products of inferior quality would not be capable of withstanding the harsh environment encountered and Chalmit luminaires, some of which have been in operation for more than 25 years, are providing reliable service to the operators working in this area.

All of Chalmit’s products are designed to this same high standard and as can be seen from the customer references,


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