Cortem EJB series junction boxes are suitable for installation in any areas of a plant where there is a risk of explosion and/or fire, or areas where combustible dust is present, classified as Zone 1, 2, 21, 22. The quality of this product is recognized and valued the world over for its specific aluminium alloy and the mechanical property of its finishes.


The EJB series is mostly used as a box to carry terminals and busbars, fuse carriers, transformers, reactors and barriers, though it is also used to produce control and signalling boards, light and power boards and surge arresters, and motor starter boxes with various configurations, which are custom made to the requirements of our customers worldwide.



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S... series junction boxes are suitable for installation along pipe courses as junction boxes and distribution boxes for conductors. Several models are available, in relation to size and to entries number.
They can be supplied as pulling boxes or as terminal boxes with multipolar terminal blocks or with modular terminal blocks.



Low copper content aluminium alloy.
Stainless steel screws.
ISO 7/1 thread.
Neoprene gasket.