Krylex-Industrial Assembly Solution

KRYLEX®, one of the leading manufacturers of adhesives, sealants and resins for automotive, electronics, consumer, medical, and industrial applications, has been setting new standards of performance for all bonding and sealing requirements. Being one of the leading industrial adhesives manufacturers with an eye for performance, we are committed to delivering quality bonding and sealing solutions. All KRYLEX® industrial assembly adhesives ranging from instant adhesives to threadlocker adhesives, UV curing adhesives to polyurethane hot melt adhesives assure reliable performance in all situations.


Our position as the go-to industrial adhesives manufacturer and supplier of high-specification industrial applications has helped us develop unparalleled research capabilities and offer innovative bonding solutions. Thanks to our advanced development and manufacturing capabilities, our clients can now realize the benefits of adhesive solutions that help them reduce their manufacturing costs and increase product performance. KRYLEX® industrial assembly adhesives are designed to withstand environmental elements, chemicals, and temperatures, as well as assure excellent multi-substrate bonding high resistance to impact and stresses.



KRYLEX® adhesives can meet your performance requirements to deliver exceptional results. Our products have been used around the world for over three decades, enabling diverse new ideas, accelerating innovation and improving manufacturing efficiencies.